365//365: Day 008 – Simpsons Wrestling (PSX) [Quickie]

. Most video games have a purpose to them – a reason why we started the game in the first place, or a reason why we would bother playing at all. Whether its to see the end of the game, play against a friend, reach the next prestige level, or anything else relevant. Simpsons Wrestling […]

365//365: Day 007 – Castlevania: Bloodlines (GEN)

. The Sega Genesis released quite a few titles that went under most gamers radars. Ghouls n Ghosts was one example of a worth playing game that many passed over for one reason on another. Castlevania: Bloodlines is another example, as it was released with very little fanfare when compared to the Nintendo and PlayStation […]

365//365: Day 006 – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (PS3)

Back in my day, we didn’t have no “good Indiana Jones games”. Back in my day, if you wanted to decipher numerous puzzles, go treasure hunting and perform death defying leaps, you played Tomb Raider, and every atrocious sequel after that. That’s the way it was and we liked it! . Actually, we had no […]

365//365: Day 005 – Castlevania 3 (NES) [Quickie]

. In general, NES games were some of the most difficult games you could ever play. The gameplay is mostly incomplex, yet challenging and satisfying as hell. Castlevania 3 defines this notion in spades. Not only is it appeasing, but its one of the most challenging games in the NES library. Although there is a […]

365//365: Day 004 – Final Fight Streetwise (XB) [Quickie]

. I knew full well Final Fight Streetwise was garbage. That didn’t stop me from trying to find a copy in a collectible condition for months. It was that certain piece of garbage that I just HAD to have. How bad is it?, well, when controlling your camera is as successful as shot putting a […]

365//365: Day 003 – Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (GEN)

. Most gamers know of Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts on the Super Nintendo, and how hard the game can be. Not only was the game extremely difficult, but you’re forced to play the game twice in order to reach the final boss. There’s so much going on at once, with tough jumping and somewhat stiff […]

365//365: Day 002 – Double Dragon 3 (NES)

. The console version of the Double Dragon series of games were not arcade perfect, to say the least. While the first two titles still went on to become instant classics, the third game, Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones, was not even close to the legendary status that the first two games hold. . […]

365//365: Day 001 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) [RRR]

. What I thought back during release…. Being a fan of Ninja Turtles cartoon and movies, this isn’t a very faithful game, but man it’s fun. The turtles all play the same but with a different range of attack and damage spread, but the action is fast and intense. Maybe one of the hardest games […]

Announcing 365//365 – 365 reviews in 365 days

I am pleased to formally announce the huge project I have been mentioning over the last few weeks.  I’ve been hard at work on this for quite a while, with a couple of sleepless nights under my belt, and more to come. But after putting in the time to establish a smooth and seamless launch, […]