365//365: Day 365 – Everquest (PC) [Retrospective]

“This is the noise that keeps me awake.” By now, everyone has heard of World of Warcraft. An MMO built upon capturing what was good about the best of the best MMO’s out there, taking out what was bad, and adding in and refining aspects where needed. The one main game that WoW wanted to […]

365//365: Day 364 – Dig Dug (360) [PP]

Games that can stand the test of time are becoming too few and far between as of late. On the other hand, some of the games that have held up extremely well over the years, have done so for literally decades. Dig Dug has to be one of the games in question, which was released […]

365//365: Day 363 – Tekken 3 (PSX) [PP]

  “The true King of the Iron Fist Tournament.” As one of the only arcade series that manages to be consistently better on their home console debuts, the Tekken franchise has always been a technical, vastly gratifying series of fighting games. Tekken 3 on the PlayStation can be considered one of the most refined in […]

365//365: Day 362 – Super Mario Kart (SNES) [PP]

“Driving down the highway of success.” With only one mediocre title under its banner, the Super Mario Kart franchise has been known as one of the most successful light-hearted approaches to a racing title. The title that started it all, aptly titled Super Mario Kart, can still be considered one of the best in the […]

365//365: Day 361 – Star Wars Episode I: Racer (N64) [PP]

“Better than The Phantom Menace, but that doesn’t say much.” One of the only highlights to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was the funky pod racing segment. Anakan Skywalker piloting his shoddy rig throughout a rather large racing track, at unbelievable speeds was an entertaining, and occasionally gripping segment to a movie that […]

365//365: Day 360 – Winback (PS2) [PP]

“Cover mechanics don’t help Winback escape blandness.” Well over a year ago I did a Retro Re-Review of the Nintendo 64 title Winback. Coming back after years of absence showed me that the experience I once enjoyed, wasn’t necessarily the most appealing title ever. Cloudy, overly simplistic visuals, anemic audio and repetitive gameplay mired what […]

365//365: Day 359 – Call of Duty: Black Ops (360) [PP]

“Proof that the franchise doesn’t have to be modern for it to be worthy.” I’m not a fan of Treyarch first person shooters. World at War’s time frame and weaponry felt clunky and not even close to engaging. Black Ops however, felt like a more connectible experience than World at War.While a modern warfare feels […]

365//365: Day 358 – Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (360) [PP]

“Burnout Paradise: Hot Pursuit” It’s been years since the Need For Speed franchise has been regarded as a hot commodity. With Criterion Games at the helm (who made a little game called Burnout Paradise) the Need For Speed franchise has once again barreled down the highway at blazing speeds of entertainment and thrills. With some […]

365//365: Day 357 – Crazy Taxi (360) [PP]

“Still as crazy as ever, though not quite the strong port.” The Xbox 360 has slowly become the rebirth of a generation gone by, with re-releases of some classic Sega Dreamcast titles. While Garou: Mark of the Wolves translated quite well, titles such as Sonic Adventure aged a bit poorly. The middle ground so far […]

365//365: Day 356 – Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (Xbox)

“Likes sands in an hourglass, these are the thrones of our lives.” While The Sands of Time featured swordplay without many hints of blood, it was rated T. The Two Thrones is rated M, with a larger emphasis on violence and bloodshed. The changes go deeper than the violence and bloodshed boosts, as The Two […]

365//365: Day 355 – Street Fighter Collection (PSX) [PP]

“Another collection, another several dozen hours gone.” The number of Street Fighter titles released over the years can be considered unnecessary. Some featured the most minute tweaks, while others were considerable evolutionary steps forward. Street Fighter Collection features the best of both worlds, now with load times! You have Super Street Fighter 2 and Super […]

365//365: Day 354 – Final Fantasy (NES) [PP]

“Deeper than the shallow puddle known as Final Fantasy XIII.” 8 bit RPG’s are sometimes more captivating through their combination of flimsy story-lines and elementary gameplay, than some of the more recent RPG experiences this generation. Oddly enough Final Fantasy on the NES is one of those games, which ends up coming off as a […]