Backlog Challenge – #04 – Yoshi’s Island DS (DS)



Yoshi’s Island DS
Release Date: 11/13/06
Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer: Nintendo, Artoon
Publisher: Nintendo
Years owned: 3
Times played: 0
Farthest gone: N/A

Why did I purchase this game?
Unlike a predominent portion of the gaming world, I absolutely fell head over heels for Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2 on the Super Nintendo. In fact, it got one of the highest ratings I have ever given any game (those who have followed me for a while know that a game has to be beyond magnificent to garner a high mark from me). It’s platforming bliss, without feeling overly dumb down in terms of difficulty – a major issue as of late with Mario titles. I remember reading about Yoshi’s Story and how that was supposed to be the follow up to Yoshi’s Island on the SNES, but it never really was. This Nintendo DS release is supposed to more or less represent Yoshi’s Island 2, though that would also mean that it would be Super Mario World 3? Whatever the case may be, it was a no-brainer of a purchase.

Why did I stop playing the game?
I never started. You can chalk this up as another casualty of the blackhole of backlog gaming. It quite possibly might be the one game I’ve wanted to sit down with the most out of all of the games in my backlog, but just never made the time to.

Why did I choose this game at this time?
Perfect timing really. I would have come around to it eventually, sooner rather than later. Might as well bump that time of arrival to the present. I was thinking about having this one go second, though The Third Age seemed like a better fit (even if it was a month after The Hobbit was released in theaters).

Any expectations going in?
I’m pretty stoked about Yoshi’s Island DS. I haven’t read too much about it, though what I did read was mostly along the lines of an average experience. The fact that so many gamers wrote off the first (second?) Yoshi’s Island game for the most preposterous reasons (baby Mario crying….really?), I’m assuming similar vibes came off during their experiences with this portable installment. It’s a rare “Mario” game that I haven’t sat down with, and I’ve only been completely underwhelmed with one game in the franchise (Super Mario Sunshine….ugh) so I feel as if I might have a complete winner this go around, and not a mixed bag like the last batch of games I’ve gone through in the Backlog Challenge.

Jason V.

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