Backlog Challenge – #03 – Tail Concerto (PSX)



Tail Concerto
Release Date: 8/31/99
Platform: Sony PlayStation
Developer: CyberConnect2
Publisher: Atlus
Years owned: 12
Times played: 2
Farthest gone: Third stage? I can barely remember

Why did I purchase this game?
It was either the PlayStation Underground demo CD’s or the Official PlayStation Magazine in which I played the demo for a quirky, anime-type experience called Tail Concerto. Its unorthodox nature was rarely seen stateside at this point, combining quirky charm, slightly out of the box character and level design and overall unusual feel were felt immediately upon playing the demo. I remember it took quite a while for it to port over to the US, and the wait would only become more painful as I frequently booted the demo up in the meantime.

Why did I stop playing the game?
I remember getting to one part that involved crazy jumps, small platforms and an immense amount of frustration. I shelved it for a while, hoping to revisit it a little later down the road. Over a decade later, here we are!

Why did I choose this game at this time?
Going through my backlog to decide which games should qualify for this ongoing series. I stumbled upon Tail Concerto, disc in immaculate condition, case displaying a minor crack in the inner front portion. An instant flood of memories came pouring through, from my times with the demo years ago, to how little I seemed to have spent with the full build upon its release. It doesn’t seem to be a title that’s known to most gamers, and its unusual nature overall might be worth sharing with others.

Any expectations going in?
To be quite honest, I sank a ton of time into the demo, and for all intended purposes, I did enjoy what I spent with the full version, platforming frustrations later on notwithstanding. Its quirky nature overall shouldn’t turn me off years later. Since it’s been such a long stretch of time since I last played Tail Concerto, I can’t completely remember how the controls were, though I do have some kind of recollection of a poor camera overall? Regardless, I’m confidant that I’ll come away satisfied.

Check back on Friday February 16th to see if I was able to finally complete this game that has been in my collection for a dozen years!

Jason V.

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