Backlog Challenge – #02 – The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (Xbox)



The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
Release Date: 11/02/04
Platform: Microsoft Xbox
Developer: EA Redwood Shores
Publisher: EA Games
Years owned: 4
Times played: 1
Farthest gone: Past the battle with the Balrog (10-15 hours in?)

Why did I purchase this game?
While I’m not a massive Lord of the Rings fan, but I do love me some RPG’s in general. With a more side story focus rather than a retelling of the famed trilogy, The Third Age seemed like a fascinating investment. I figured it wouldn’t tax my underwhelming knowledge of the subject matter as hard as any general Lord of the Rings game based on the book would (which I did blitz through for my 365//365 project), and possibly get me better acquainted with any familiar faces that may or may not pop up during my adventures.

Why did I stop playing the game?
I can’t quite remember exactly why I stopped. It might have just been one of those typical “oh look, I just purchased a new current gen title, so let me put this last gen title that I already invested X amount of hours into on the shelf over there and come back in a few weeks”. Actually I started out owning the PlayStation 2 version of The Third Age, and in my infinite (lack of) wisdom, I traded it in. I regretted it months later and picked it up on the Xbox with intentions of sitting through it and completing the game finally. Four years later, it takes a project like this to get me around to accomplishing the aforementioned.

Why did I choose this game at this time?
With The Hobbit releasing to theaters late in 2012, as well as LEGO Lord of the Rings releasing a month prior on current generation consoles and handhelds, I figured that the Lord of the Rings craze would still be going strong. Come to think of it, when has it ever ceased?

Any expectations going in?
I do have a bit of apprehension about my second foray into this somewhat side story of the main franchise. I can recall some brutally difficult battles throughout. It seemed like each battle was a life or death struggle, right from the get-go. This might sound appealing, but from what I remember, it never alleviated much as I progressed. I can also remember combat being a bit repetitious in terms of variety. I’m not completely looking forward to this, though it’s not like I’m dreading this at all. If all else fails, the music should keep things rolling along.

Check back Friday, February 1st to see if I was able to read the end of this adventure!

Jason V.

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