Backlog Challenge – #01 – Secret of Evermore (SNES)



Secret of Evermore
Release Date: 10/01/95
Platform: Super Nintendo
Developer: Squaresoft
Publisher: Squaresoft
Years owned: 4
Times played: 0
Farthest gone: N/A

Why did I purchase this game?
This was going to be one of the early 365//365 reviews. Moreover, this was originally a request by my best friend (I am such a terrible friend to such an amazing individual). It was one of a number of games that I had acquired for the project, yet never got around to any kind of official review for.

Why did I stop playing the game?
I never started Secret of Evermore, outside making sure the game powered on. This is going in completely blind for me. I think the fact that it’s supposed to be one of the longer Super Nintendo games in general was what held me back from completing it during the project. It was slotted in several times, including a scrapped “RPG Week” I had planned near the end of the project, but time constraints prevented both that week happening, as well as Secret of Evermore making it back into the project.

Why did I choose this game at this time?
Well for one, I promised my best friend that I would play it and write something about it. I might be a few years late on that endeavor, but I’m keeping my word to her! It’s also a game that I’ve wanted to sit down and play for quite a long time. I’ve always had this view of Evermore as an inferior product when compared to one of my all-time favorites, Secret of Mana. This was mostly due to how naive I was back in the days. Come to think of it, I might have had the urge to rent it from my local Blockbuster Video a few times, but they never had it in stock.

Any expectations going in?
For Secret of Evermore, it’s “expect the unexpected”. I know very little about this western developed title, outside hearing opinions ranging from “awesome game” to “it’s okay, I guess”. If anything, I know I’m going to walk away with Secret of Evermore under my belt and fulfilling that promise I made, and possibly finding another Super Nintendo game to enjoy.

Check back on Friday, January 18th to see whether or not I was able to get through the game!

Jason V.

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