The Walking Dead On Sale Today Via Xbox Live



If 50% off on Steam wasn’t an acceptable enough deal for you, Microsoft has an offer you may not be able to refuse.

Until 12am PST on December 29th, TellTale’s The Walking Dead via Xbox Live Arcade is on its own 50% off sale. Episode 1 is still free until New Years Eve, and with Episodes 2-5 now at 200 MSP ($2.50), the total cost at the end is a mere 800 MSP ($10), which is about $2.50 cheaper than what Steam has offered during its winter sale.

The Walking Dead is a point and click title released by TellTale Games, responsible for the recent resurgence of the genre with releases over the last few years such as Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. Released periodically throughout 2012, The Walking Dead has gained quite a bit of notoriety from the gaming press for its storytelling and choices that are made throughout the adventure.

For more information about The Walking Dead Episode 1, check out Sol Lekz review from earlier in the year.

Jason V.

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