Introducing: The Backlog Challenge (BC)



Earlier in 2012 I went over one of my gaming embarrassments – what went from a gaming collection that I had accumulated, quickly turned into a full blown backlog of video games that for whatever reason, I haven’t had a chance to get around to playing them. We’re not talking a dozen games or so; I have hundreds of games that I ever never touched outside testing them to be sure that they worked, or played a certain distance into and abandoned for one reason or another. Some of the backlog had been tackled back in late 2009 and into 2010 with my 365//365 review project (if you haven’t checked that out yet, you’ve got quite a bit of reading to do), although there were a number of games that I’ve recently acquired, lengthy RPG’s at that.

With money a bit tight for a while, not to mention the general lack of enthusiasm as a whole for 2013 in terms of new releases (maybe thanks in part to what I perceived as a lackluster 2012 all around for the gaming industry, souring my outlook for the next twelve months), I figured that if there were any time I could begin to tackle this overwhelming number of backlogged titles, now is that time.

My goal with this Backlog Challenge is to take on two games a month at minimum. On one Monday I’ll reveal what game I will be tackling, as well as some information about how long I’ve had it, why I purchased it and why I chose to put this on the Backlog Challenge. One week later on a Friday, I will either go into a full review on that title, or if the game was a bit too uninteresting to play through from beginning to end, I will note how far I got and exactly what halted my progress with it. Originally I had planned to do the review the following Monday as opposed to Friday, however I need to factor in sanity time for myself (the 365//365 project, though it began three years ago, did a little something something to me), plus it hopefully gives me enough time to take on some of the longer titles that I may pluck out of my backlog.

I will try my best to focus upon game console variety when I head this project up; I may start out with an Xbox original title, but the following choice might be on the Sega Dreamcast, followed by a Sega Genesis game, and so on. If I happen to find a relatively shorter game to run through, I might run an impromptu Backlog Challenge in the middle of the week, labeling what game I chose on one day, and the next day or so I’ll go into a whole review on it.

Though not as daunting as the 365//365 project, the Backlog Challenge is one worth taking for myself. The first installment will begin on January 7th, with an introduction to the first game I chose for this ongoing project. The week after on a Friday (January 18th) I will have the first review (or if I couldn’t make it through for one reason or another, a conclusion piece that outlines exactly what caused me to cease my playthrough), with the Monday after that repeating the cycle.

Hope to see you all here for the Backlog Challenge!

Jason V.

I am the Co-Editor-in-Chief here at Chocolate Lemon. Over the last 15 years, I have been writing gaming articles here and there, including my time with GameSages, a then IGN affiliated video game code database that's now owned by IGN, as well as my near four year stay on this very site. I'm quite the gaming enthusiast, have a somewhat "old school" soul, and enjoy a wide variety of geeky shows, movies and so on. Follow me on Twitter @Jas0nVelez