Everquest Under a “Rain of Fear” With Its Latest Expansion



One of the godfathers of the MMORPG genre will be releasing its unprecedented 19th expansion in its 13+ years of existence come November.

Titled “Rain of Fear“, Sony Online Entertainment will once again add upon its already massive Everquest universe in a myriad of ways. As of today’s announcement, SoE revealed the following about its expansion:

  1.  * The player level cap has raised from 95 to 100
  2.  * The ability for players to track how much aggro they are pulling
  3.  * “Collection” and “Hunter” tasks
  4.  * The ability to finally sell your wares from the Bazaar while being offline


On top of that, Rain of Fear continues the storyline that originated with the House of Thule expansion from a few years ago, and continued into last years expansion, Veil of Alaris.

More information will be released within the coming weeks, including new zones, raid instances, what new AA’s will be available, and much more. For now, check out SoE’s official announcement of Everquest: Rain of Fear.

Jason V.

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