THQ Drops Devil’s Third From Publishing Schedule



Original Image: Game Informer

There was a time when Itagaki’s highly publicized departure from Tecmo seemed like the stuff of legends reborn–after all, the outspoken producer had taken a small contingency of his best talent with him when he left Team Ninja to create Valhalla Games with THQ’s backing. Not to mention his first title with the company, Devil’s Third, a neo-futuristic action game seemed like a strong way to start off their partnership with a prospective 2013 release.

4 years, internal trouble and a sorry investment in U-Draw tablets later (along with a fledgling WWE license) that even strong sales of Saints Row: The Third couldn’t save, THQ is on the verge and undergoing a massive restructuring. Unfortunately, Devil’s Third is one of the titles on the chopping block, with CEO Brian Farrell stating that the “profitability profile of Devil’s Third no longer meets our internal threshold.”, among other things. Given that there has been barely any news concerning the game aside from reassurance from Itagaki in February that the game was indeed still on track despite the publisher’s troubles, this is still sad news, but not something entirely surprising.

The good news is, THQ is actively trying to find a new publisher for it, so the future of the studio at least isn’t in doubt. Here’s wishing them the best, as Devil’s Thirddid look like an interesting take on the already somewhat bloated 3rd person action genre.



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