Project 25: The Top 25 Miniseries



“Top X” lists can be somewhat generic, yet those lists can tell a lot about the person or persons submitting them. As frequent as they might be on the web, I kinda appreciate putting some effort into my own, just because I feel that it helps readers get a better understanding of the types of games, items, levels and such, that I enjoy the most. I’ve done a top 25 games of the last decade, as well as my top ten all-time favorite multiplayer titles. I think it’s time I further elaborate on my tastes and pleasures by breaking down my favorites for each console generation.

Over the next couple of months (probably two lists a month, spanning Monday through Friday) I will be releasing my series of top 25 titles per console generation. While I did indeed grow up with a Commodore 64, ColecoVision and Atari 2600 in my household, those three units have not been played for years, so I don’t feel as confident about making a list for them, so the Nintendo and Sega Master System (the 8 bit generation) will start things off. Well take a look at the 25 titles from each generation that I enjoyed the absolute most, as well as a top 10 spanning portable gaming somewhere down the line as well.

I guarantee you will see titles that would normally never see the light of day in such a list. You’ll also notice quite a few major titles omitted. I’ll do my best to list specific titles that many would look for, yet I did not include, and try to give a brief reason as to why the omission occurred, but for the most part this will be a display of the games I enjoyed the most in each generation, and less of why A B and C were not involved.

Check back this coming Monday for the start of my Top 25 project. Every other week will be a new installment, with five picks each day. It’s always a pleasure to share more about my likes and dislikes in the world of gaming, and I hope this shows readers more about what kind of games I’ve enjoy the most throughout the years.

Jason V.

I am the Co-Editor-in-Chief here at Chocolate Lemon. Over the last 15 years, I have been writing gaming articles here and there, including my time with GameSages, a then IGN affiliated video game code database that's now owned by IGN, as well as my near four year stay on this very site. I'm quite the gaming enthusiast, have a somewhat "old school" soul, and enjoy a wide variety of geeky shows, movies and so on. Follow me on Twitter @Jas0nVelez