Project 25: Top 25 8 Bit Games (25-21)



While systems that preceded the 8 bit era will always hold a fond, warming spot in my heart, it was this generation right here that really hooked me into this hobby. I grew up a Nintendo kid, mostly because my dad refused to purchase the Sega Master System bundle with the 3D glasses that I was so fond of. Looking back at the overall quality of the SMS line up, I’m guessing his decision was sound. Nevertheless, this is my list of my Top 25 8 Bit Games. It will more or less be dominated by NES titles, though there’s an exception in there. Had I spent more time with the SMS and played a list of games that didn’t completely underwhelm me, the list might have ended up less one sided.

But enough with the pleasantries – here are my Top 25 8 Bit Games (#25 – 21)

Notable Omissions:

Alex Kidd series: I never once played any Alex Kidd title until Sonic’s Ultimate Sega Genesis Collection on the Xbox 360. To be blunt, I really cannot stand the controls, and the gameplay as a whole was so unappealing. Granted this was 25 years later, but I’m more than certain I wouldn’t have cared much if I had played it on the Sega Master System either.

Duck Tales: Basically the #26 slot. I really felt that #25, as mind numbing as it can be, barely had an edge.

25. Bubble Bobble (NES)

Rating: 6.8

There’s a sheer simplicity, yet chaotic nature to Bubble Bobble. Play through the 100 stages either alone or with a friend, trapping enemies in bubbles blown by either character, and proceeding to pop them into oblivion. The somewhat sluggish controls could lead to hassles throughout, but the mindless entertainment solo or multiplayer provides is definitely enough to just make it onto this list.

24. Contra (NES)

Rating: N/A

Another balls to the wall difficult title, Contra defined not only “NES hard” but gave gamers the ultimate code to memorize (up up down down left right left right b a b a start for 30 lives.) Again, whether a lone wolf or going in with a partner, the alien world, high difficulty and non stop action is addicting enough to return to more often than not.

23. Metroid (NES)

Rating: N/A

One of the first major gaming heroines to emerge, Samus Aran was a tough, well equipped soldier on a mission in Metroid. Epic boss battles and fascinating weaponry awaited those that suited for this adventure. Though it seems short today, this was a rather lengthy adventure years ago, and still remains a quality titles that needs to be played through at least once.

22. Little Nemo: The Dream Master (NES)

Rating: 6.7

The charming, childish facade of Little Nemo might be both off-putting and deceiving, but I’ll guarantee you this – you will be pushed to your limits more than enough. Inheriting friendly animal skills and forms throughout each stage helps in aiding in the retrieval of each key hidden throughout each stage and adds a dimension of both challenges (from certain limitations on each transformation) and playing through the game as a whole. One of the lesser appreciated Capcom releases, but one you should check out.

21. Maniac Mansion (NES)

Rating: N/A

The only game where you can microwave a hamster (….as far as I know….not like I keep tabs on these things!) Maniac Mansion was a point and click adventure title with plenty of character. Guide several teens throughout a wacky mansion where teamwork is the key to surviving. It might feel a bit rigid in a mechanical sense, but the overall effort in Maniac Mansion is one that needs to be experienced.

Jason V.

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