Four Video Game Songs That Would Make Great Wrestling Entrance Themes



Wrestling and video games. There can be some correlations found between the two. Both are forms of unadulterated mayhem at times, as well as both featuring cartoon-like, over-the-top avatars performing some kind of fantasy combat (though Mario doesn’t run the chance of breaking his tailbone with each butt slam performed.) Certain musical compositions in a number of different games could also work as a plausible method of introducing each wrestler to the ring, providing a somewhat “grand entrance” for them.

With everyday music, some can already be pointed out as the calling card of a current or former wrestler. Whenever I hear Enter Sandman by Metallica, right away I envision the Sandman, staggering through the crowd with a kendo stick on one hand a beer in another, and another half dozen cans of beer throughout all of his jean pockets. Straight edge superstar CM Punk set off a frenzy at iTunes once he debuted his new entrance theme, which was a throwback to his time in Ring of Honor. Cult of Personality made an impact on the charts years after it was first released, thanks to the power of CM Punk and the WWE. Some well established bands even helped pen tracks for the sole purpose of promoting a certain wrestler, such as Triple H and the three Motorhead themes he has used over the years (The Game, Line in the Sand for his faction Evolution, and King of Kings) and Edge with Metalingus from Altered Bridge (IMO the greatest entrance theme ever in life.)

If you think having a famous or catchy entrance theme isn’t something worth clamoring over, I direct your attention to probably the single greatest entrance in wrestling history:

But why does the inspiration for an entrance theme have to stem from the music industry? Why can’t it originate from the gaming industry as well? Certain musical pieces from a video game would make just as much of an impact as a wrestling entrance theme, and that’s what we’ll be checking out today. Here are the five music tracks from a video game that I feel could work well as a wrestlers entrance theme. While I’ll do my best to avoid using licensed tracks from titles such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and other of the ilk, if one does make it on the list, I’ll explain exactly why the exemption was made.

Space Channel 5 – Spaceport: Introducing Ulala

For a WWE diva, maybe AJ Lee in particular, this would seem like a natural fit. I mentioned AJ Lee in particular since she has gone on record numerous times that she is a girl gamer, and prefers the more down to earth, laid back gamer life than the extravagances of fancy traveling and purchases. This track plays to her persona in a few ways. As mentioned, being a gamer, as well as a song based off a game that features a female lead, , it shows more of her personality. The pace isn’t frantic, nor is it lethargic. Hell, for kicks she can come out doing the Ulala walk. On top of that, the song gives the impression that she takes her craft in ring seriously, yet she’s laid back enough to not seem like an uptight, stuck up diva. Which is weird, since the female wrestlers in the WWE are known as Divas. But for those who have been watching AJ Lee’s progress from NXT season 3 to now, you can definitely vouch for the fact that she’s anything but a typical diva, but any definition of the word.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Shin Bison’s Theme

This track could be used in one of two ways – as the entrance theme for a heel stable (a group of wrestlers bonded together for a common cause) or for one of the more violent minded individuals. The beginning is an accumulation of serves as the indication that something powerful is coming down the ramp, while is quickly ramps to the unveiling of this evil, angering fans over who it really is. Thinking back on past superstars as well as current superstars that could have used this entrance theme, I think the one person it would match well enough would be Snitsky (circa bald Albino look with yellow teeth.) While it doesn’t play as strongly to his psychopathic ways, the build up in the beginning and the follow up afterwards does serve commendably for what his character was.

Lost Odyssey – Roar of the Departed Souls

When I first heard this one, I immediately thought of “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, mainly from older themes he used in TNA. There are quite a few parallels between this theme and the track from Lost Odyssey, from vocal portions to instrumentals. I would crop the intro about thirty seconds however, which leaves enough time for a build up and an entrance to follow. I’ve heard conflicting reports about Daniels winding down his career though, but in any case, the theme seems to fit him well, both in resemblance to his older entrance theme, to the bit of complexity to its composition representing the kind of in ring move-set and talent that Christopher Daniels showcases week in and week out.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Gates of Spirits

Taken as either a demented or a somewhat supernatural type heel theme, this track from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night reminds me a bit of two wrestlers, though one in a faint sort of manner. The first wrestler I think of is Sycho Sid from back in the WWF days. The guy in general seemed like a loon, but if you heard one of his promos, you’d be convinced that he’s been hitting some kind of illegal drug hard. Not Ultimate Warrior hard, but close.  His entrance theme had a psychopathic tinge in it, which for some reason I can see this video game track fitting in well enough. The second guy that the track could fit (in a faint respect) is the Boogeyman. His actual theme is a bit more frantic and unsettling though, but oddly enough, I still thought of this gimmick while I heard this song.

Wrestling entrances can be plausibly linked to the use of video game music. While there may not be a myriad of suitable tracks for the number of talents throughout the industry, they are as logically sound and completely feasible as using a movie soundtrack, or an already established song from the CD of a hugely popular band. Did you know of any video game songs that would fit right in with the persona of a current of former grappler? Lets us know with a comment below and perhaps share a link to these songs!

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