30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 6 – Most Annoying Character



It’s crazy….I thought I had my pick right away. Really, who wouldn’t pin Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as one of their choices, or maybe their singular choice as the most annoying character in the gaming world? Constantly flutering around Link, annoyingly voiced, giving almost no kind of helpful clues in her inane rambling. She makes a cactus seem like a more eloquent source of information, and far less painful when dealt with. But no, this isn’t about Navi. I’d be a bit more shocked at this revalation, but the one character that supersedes this fairy failure in annoyance, does so in spades. Ironically enough, as with Ocarina of Time, this character is featured in a game that I truly appreciate and thoroughly love….


While Borderlands remains one of my favorite releases this generation, my first impressions nearly drove me far, far away from ever playing more than ten minutes in. This fella up top is known as Claptrap, one of the many robotic annoyances the player will come across throughout Borderlands. Whether it’s the very first imbecile you meet, or one you repair down the line to help your inventory spacing out, these annoyances will crack jokes that are not funny, talk without pause, and never cease to annoy anyone within their proximity. Claptrap also has this voice that not even a mother can love. Just his mere existence nearly halted any progression with Borderlands before it even started. I’m glad my tolerance level was at its peak when I started the game, otherwise I would have missed out on one of the more enjoable experiences within the genre.

With the announcement of a Borderlands 2 on the horizon, the one thing I hope and pray is omitted from the final release, is any sort of Claptrap appearances. Unless it’s for target practice. I don’t think I can take anymore of this idiotic, useless waste of programming. I can tlerate shoddy programming to a point. i can tolerate inane storylines. I cannot tolerate the absurd nature of Claptrap existing.

Jason V.

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