30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 28 – Favorite Game Developer



Yeah, I’m not even going to bother prolonging this reveal:

The first console to call my own was a Nintendo Entertainment System, so I could have possibly been bred and programmed to think this. However, when I take a look at the bigger picture, I don’t think I could have picked any other company as my favorite developer. I can only think of one other company that has provided me with a consistent amount of quality throughout their lifetime – Konami. As an RPG fanatic, I could have chosen Konami instead of Nintendo just off the Suikoden franchise as a whole, but the thing with Nintendo is the fact that if anyone asks me to name a video game company, a video game console or anything video game related, a Nintendo developed product always comes to mind.

And why wouldn’t it? From the arcade classic Donkey Kong, to the Super Nintendo’s beloved The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, right on through to the near immaculate Super Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo titles have a sheen of quality and prestige that cannot be denied by gamers. While some of the more recent titles have been outsourced to other companies for development, such as the sports related Mario titles or the vastly depressing Metroid: Other M, the ones released completely under the watchful eyes of the Nintendo masters are almost always some of the most quality laced pieces of art one could experience with gaming. Narratives might be lacking, yet the journey never seems to be deterred by that fact. We all know a typical Zelda game has to do with a princess, a triforce or saving the world from some kind of monster, yet the engaging and engrossing world always seems fresh and inviting. Princess Peach is always in some kind of trouble, yet that repetition is never really noticed.

That says a lot, especially with how gaming has become a milk factory, with unnecessary sequels, unnecessary “upgrades” and completely unnecessary yearly releases. Nintendo is far from innocent when it comes to milking an idea, especially when it comes to handhelds, but the fact that Nintendo developed games tickles the imagination more so than most any other gaming company out there, says a lot about their quality and dedication to their products. Sure, I can do without some of these outsourced Nintendo IP’s and would rather see a franchise like StarTropics be removed from its dormant standings, but any chance I can get with a game from the masters themselves, I cherish each moment I can. Lets just hope that these coming years will see Nintendo further strengthen what they do right, and expand even more so upon dormant franchises, and even create a few more new ones.

Jason V.

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