30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 26 – Best Voice Acting



When I think of “best voice acting” I always think of one certain title, or rather one certain franchise. While it might be a cop out to choose this franchise, even for someone such as myself, who never really enjoyed much of what it had to offer (outside the final game, which coincidentally didn’t sit as well with longtime fans) I could not deny the quality across the board on it’s voice acting:

The franchise as a whole had the best delivery I’ve ever heard in a video game. It probably helped that Hideo Kojima, the father of Metal Gear, wanted to work on movies originally. You can more than witness this with each release of the Metal Gear franchise. From the first title on the Sony PlayStation, right up to the “final” release on the PlayStation 3, the Metal Gear Solid franchise has been solid when it came to delivering in speech. The quality of the script goes a long way as well, as these lines were written quit well. Each voice actor went above and beyond the call of duty and helped engross players deeper into the storyline whenever a conversation piece came up, or a cutscene between Snake and whatever enemy he’s coming after. Again, while I might not have felt the franchise as a whole was anything special for me (outside MGS4), I have to give credit where credit is due, and recognize the Metal Gear Solid franchise as having the best voice acting I have heard in ant video game up to this point. A few have come close (most notably Uncharted 2) but nothing has surpassed this franchise just yet.

Jason V.

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