30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 17 – Favorite Antagonist



Video game villains are some of the notorious in the world of storytelling. From Bowser’s continual kidnappings of Princess Toadstool/Peach, to the maniacal Kefka and his off-the-wall antics in Final Fantasy VI, there are a plethora of memorable minions that have appeared in the world of gaming. There’s a single antagonist that has withstood the test of time for me, and God no, it’s not Sephiroth:

I could have gone with a more obscure antagonist, but why? Ganon has been one of the most infamous of all baddies. He has a similar method to his madness throughout each game he is featured in, which is power and control. Whether it’s holding Princess Zelda captive or wanting to obtain the power of the Triforce, Ganon is a forced to be reckoned with. This guys so badass, that even in Zelda II: The Adventures of Link, where he’s already dead, he maintains a presence within Link’s world, as Link’s death will bring forth the resurrection of Ganon.

While his intentions have always remained evil, his look has never remained consistent. Much like Bowser from Super Mario Bros., Ganon has had a myriad of visual transformations throughout his existence. His initial appearance as a light blue pig man of sorts, who was about as intimidating as a Glass Joe with one arm tied behind his back. Since then he’s gone from a bulked up, darker shade of blue version of his initial avatar, to a more humanoid form, to even a most beastly guise. Regardless of appearances, Ganon always remained a formidable foe throughout….

….in the Nintendo developed realm.

There were two appearances (technically three) in which Ganon was depicted as a sniveling joke. The first was in the Legend of Zelda cartoons that were featured in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Between the voice and overall incompetence, this cartoon iteration of this video game antagonist did more harm than good. During the third and final season of the Captain N animated series, a Legend of Zelda themed episode aired in which Ganon was resurrected via Potion of Power. He did look a bit more intimidating, though that voice really didn’t do the character justice. Finally, the CD-i had a trilogy of Zelda related titles released. In Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, Ganon serves as the final boss. It’s not necessarily the fact that one hit can defeat him, but how he’s represented otherwise….

Blemishes notwithstanding, Ganon still resonates as my favorite antagonist of all. It was always a thrill to reach the end of each Zelda game with Ganon featured, and seeing just how visually different he has become. While he won’t be appearing as the main attraction in Skyward Sword, and he hasn’t been the featured villain in every Zelda game out there, the games that he does appear in, he always comes off as an antagonist I love to see.

Jason V.

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