30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 14 – Current (Or Most Recent) Gaming Wallpaper



It’s a bit ironic that this is today’s topic, as I just recently changed out the wallpaper I’ve had up nearly the entire time I’ve been using this PC (a year.) The previous wallpaper I had been using was a screenshot from the MMORPG Everquest. It was a close up picture of the Omens of War main boss, Overlord Mata Muran. This was one of the few end game encounters that I never did defeat and was always fascinated with. His character design was clever, mixing a Dragonkind formed body with malformations to his wings, an arm and somewhat his face. He was a rather large specimen, though not the most opposing in size that could be found throughout Norrath.

This is a close up of how OMM initially looks, before the event is triggered and the battle begins. One hand on his chin in a rather contemplative manner, with the other hand, which is malformed, has a pulsating green energy radiating from it. His massive wing span would sway every so often as he towers over the opposing forces that gather.

I also wrote a little something about my time playing Everquest over the years, as the final installment of my 365//365 review project. It doesn’t necessarily explain the wallpaper that much more, but they are within the same realm.

Jason V.

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