Gaming Embarrassments #1 – The Unplayed Collection



Gaming Embarrassments will be a series of random situations, moments and admissions that will either make folks facepalm, make me completely red with embarrassment, or just flat out make me feel shameful for admitting. While the frequency of each piece is up in the air right now, it will be an ongoing feature that will chronicle the numerous instances and situations that are embarrassing for me to reveal. Why am I revealing them? I guess I have no shame these days! The length of each article will range from a brief read, to a more in-depth analysis of the current gaming shame.

For this installment of Gaming Embarrassments, we’re going to take a brief look into a part of my gaming collection. While some might think that such a venture would be more of a bragging rights, or even lack thereof, there’s a lot more than meets the eyes when it comes to a modest portion of my collection. The next few pictures you’ll see below are of a small piece of my gaming collection. Moreover, many of the titles in these following pictures are of relevance to the matter at hand (PS yes, that’s a DVD of Evo 2k2 nestled closely to the Dungeons & Dragons DVD):

More or less, this shows a majority of the games I currently own, from the previous generation to this current one. While the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles are mostly exempt, many of the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox titles are not. What’s the embarrassing secret I am revealing? A vast majority of these games have never been played more than the first few minutes.

While to a collector this might not seem like such a foreign concept, most of the games purchased were intended to actually be played and defeated. Many of these were purchased while I was laid off for the first time in late 2007. In general, I had a wealth of time on my hands. I had set out to fill that time with some good old fashion role playing gaming, which is quite evident with all three of these photos. While I did try and put in an honest effort on spending time with some of these games, I just never really stuck to it. I actually dipped back into games I had completed previously, such as Final Fantasy III/VI, Mass Effect and even non RPG related games like Dead Rising and Super Mario Strikers. Hell, some of the games from my 365//365 review project were played for the very first time either before the project was conceived, or while the project was being worked on, as well as a few being intended for the project, but I just couldn’t really play them for whatever reason.

Then there are some titles I purchased simply because they were “hard to find” which, for an unemployed person, is a lot of wasteful spending. I’d equate that more for being a way to comfort myself during a difficult time than anything, but here are a few of those games in question:

(the Sega Saturn games are the games in question, though it’s hard to make out some Dreamcast and PSX titles in the picture, which I blame the camera phone on)

There are a few games not pictured (such as Burning Rangers, Darkstalkers, Sonic R and NiGHTS) but combined, I spent a few hundred in total for the games and system. Out of the games I bought, I only played Burning Rangers, Marvel Superheroes, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Virtual Hydlide, Sonic R and X-Men: Children of the Atom. Shining the Holy Ark and Dragon Force cost me nearly $130 in their CIB with foam insert, and yet I only put them on to make sure they had worked.

An ironic twist to this whole debacle is that every Nintendo game shown on the bottom row, I have played maybe ten thousand times over….aside from Alien 3. Behind them, and in other locations, I have a ton more NES games I have played more times than I could remember, with many of them being complete stinkers, yet I can’t bring myself to play the dot Hack series of games that I probably spent $100 or so on to acquire the first and second series in its complete form. I’ve been able to beat Wolverine on the NES, though I purchased Grand Theft Auto, Vice City Stories and barely got five hours deep.

While the last nine months of so have seen wasteful gaming spending cease, a few sneak in here and there, with my excuse being “I’ll eventually come around to playing them after I’m done with X, Y and Z.” While I have played Homefront thoroughly, I have not put in as much time on the multiplayer realm as I would have wanted, mostly because I’m so heavily vested in finding the right team for me in Marvel vs Capcom 3, or discovering more implausible corner combos in Mortal Kombat. My latest purchases of Dragon Age: Ultimate Collection (PC Steam sale) and 3D Dot Game Heroes are being met with legitimate face time, but it further neglects the dozens of other titles, some being quite expensive, that have piled up in my queue. It’s only going to get worse when LA Noire and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D are released….

Do you happen to have a habit of purchasing games with the intent of completing them, only to completely forget about them and let your queue build up? Leave a comment below with some of the games you’ve been procrastinating on for whatever reasons!

Jason V.

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