365//365: Day 354 – Final Fantasy (NES) [PP]



"Deeper than the shallow puddle known as Final Fantasy XIII."

8 bit RPG’s are sometimes more captivating through their combination of flimsy story-lines and elementary gameplay, than some of the more recent RPG experiences this generation. Oddly enough Final Fantasy on the NES is one of those games, which ends up coming off as a more coherent experience than the thirteenth installment of said franchise. The simplistic visuals immerse you into the world, though they were pretty solid for its time, regardless of animation limitations. Limitations reached beyond graphics as well, with the music and gameplay featuring a no frills approach. While the audio as a whole lacks diversity, the one predominant song throughout is pleasant enough. In terms of gameplay, you pick one of several classes for each of your four characters, proceed through random battles and such, while powering them up towards the third act with a rats tail, which changes the avatars that represents the characters. Although it’s a slow paced turn based RPG, it’s sill quite approachable. If you can forgive the throw awy plot, scarce music selection and generic gameplay model, Final Fantasy on the NES isn’t too bad whatsoever. For 8 bit standards, the experience was rather deep and offered plenty of gameplay time as well. Give this one a try of the latest barrage of Final Fantasy titles have been failing you.

Battle screen visuals are bare bones, enemy variety are heavy on palette swaps, but Final Fantasy still manages to be worth playing, even if it's just to experience a failing franchises' humble beginnings.

Rating: 7.1

Jason V.

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