365//365: Day 344 – Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2 (SNES) [PP]




"Not just one of the best 16 bit titles, but one of the best ever."

Even with the critical acclaim, Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2 manages to be one of the most underrated first party titles, right alongside StarTropics. Most were up in arms over Mario taking a backseat to Yoshi, while a baby, on Yoshi’s backseat, bawling at every moment that he is not in Yoshi’s possession. True, the crying can get annoying at times, but was an issue that can be considered overblown. The production quality from top to bottom is one of the 16 bit generations greatest achievements. The rich, colorful world Yoshi travels through is augmented by a wonderful audio presentation (sans Baby Mario’s shrieking). Both audio and video wise, Yoshi’s Island is the best of the best in the 16 bit generation, for a platformer. Witnessing each boss transform in size thanks to the reappearing antagonist Kamek, was a thrill and a half, producing a sense of scale rarely seen in that era. The amazing musical score stills stands up even today, especially the emotionally charged ending theme (listen to it at the top of the review). The controls were standard fare, though the Yoshi transformation portions could have been done without. Helicopter Yoshi wasn’t the most novel idea, nor did it ever feel like it fit in well. What it came down to was the fact that there’s a lot of content to play through, with optional goals for each stage (collecting red coins hidden throughout each stage, flowers and so on) that commanded your attention well after you conquered the epic final battle.Regardless of the Baby Mario crying and misplaced feelings of the Yoshi vehicle transformation segments, Nintendo produced one of the most under-appreciated Mario titles in Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2. It’s a magical world to explore, one in which you’ll not only never tire of, but will constantly revisit, well after you reached a 100% completion rate. One of the greatest titles ever created.

The quality and presence of the visual style is distinct, vibrant and the most beautifully realized for the genre up to that point.

Rating: 9.8

Jason V.

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