365//365: Day 335 – Grand Theft Auto III (PS2) [PP]



"One of the most memorable open world titles."

In terms of video games that have defined this growing past time, there are a very select few that have a legitimate claim to such fame. Grand Theft Auto III has to be considered as one of them. Taking the somewhat open world concept from the previous titles, DMA (now Rockstar North) utilized the power of imagination with the power of the PlayStation 2 console to create a living, breathing world like never before. Impressive graphics for its time helped detail out the myriad of vehicles and pedestrians you’ll come across, with a tight vocal performance, as well as some engaging music and radio ads when driving down the street. With a core story to follow (which was engaging enough for its time) as well as a large game world to traverse through, it would take ages to fully immerse yourself with what’s available. While the visual design wasn’t complex, mostly due to the fact that it was developed and released so early into the systems lifespan, it worked well enough, though left a bit to be desired. The bigger issue had to do with the mechanics. Vehicular controls worked as expected, though aiming and overall camera control felt constricted, making gun battles more complex than they should be. Given the size of the world around you, as well as the numerous methods of dispatching anyone that stands in your way, ballistic aiming didn’t hit as hard as it could have. Nevertheless, Grand Theft Auto III, while far from perfect then and far from perfect now, ends up being one of the video games that many will point out as one of the defining titles in the industry. Future installments further refined the genre and storytelling, but Grand Theft Auto III has always, and for a long time, may always be the game everyone picks out as an industry changing behemoth.

Shootouts might be hampered somewhat by some shoddy camera and aiming controls, but Grand Theft Auto III is far from a shot in the dark.

Rating: 9.0

Jason V.

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