365//365: Day 332 – Burnout Paradise (360) [PP]



"The grass is green, and those girls sure are pretty."

Burnout innovated the racing genre with some high speed explosions and the ability to crash  into your opponents from virtually every angle. While the formula did start to grow stale, EA decided to up the ante and bring the Burnout franchise into an open world setting. Burnout Paradise takes place in a giant city, with deviations to dirt roads, high jumps and more traffic dodging than ever before. The physics and car damage are some of the best in the genre, offering a mostly proper damage calculations to every crash. The city and each car look immaculate, with some of the best lighting, shading and texture use in this generation of consoles, with some solid vehicular controls through each of the plethora of vehicles you can unlock. The soundtrack, while it has some strengths, has some questionable additions (not that many people want to cruise around hearing “Hey! You! I don’t like your girlfriend!”) the overall soundtrack is adequate enough, though easily drowned out by your adrenaline rush and the sounds of the crashes all around you. The biggest addition to the multiplayer is the ability to free run throughout the map with up to eight people total. You can crash into each other, initiate crashes and break some records set by your friends, burn through single road speed records, or initiate team goals. From the different types of races you can compete in (Marked Man for instance, has you racing to a goal before enemy vehicles run you off the road for good) too a near limitless number of offline and online tasks to perform, there’s no wonder why Burnout Paradise was on my Top 25 of This Decade. By far the most entertaining racing title this generation, now available below $20.

Once you enter Paradise City, you won't be leaving anytime soon.

Rating: 8.9

Jason V.

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