365//365: Day 260 – Red Faction Guerrilla (360) [PP]



Red Faction built its reputation as a first person shooter in which you had the ability to blow holes in walls, altering the way and direction of your progress. After a several year hiatus, Red Faction Guerrilla was unleashed to the masses, in a third person perspective. Aided by GEO MOD 2.0, you were given the ability to manipulate and destroy buildings and other stationary items to such a jaw dropping degree. Obstruction falling apart piece by piece, in non predetermined portions is a marvel all on its own. A shame the marvel did not extend into the single player session. While the action is furious, and the decimation is utterly fantastic, enemy variety is at a minimum, most of the weapons are a bore and the story is completely forgettable. You’ll only be playing through each area in order to take down every obstruction in your path. Although the single player game begs for more substance, the multiplayer portion is a literal game changer. Not only does it raise the value of the title significantly, but the multiplayer game its self changes the game. Someone sniping you but you only have a rocket launcher? Blow the floor below them away. The abilities from the backpacks you pick up also change up the experience, from the camouflage to the Rhino backpack that lets you burst through building foundations, substantially weakening its foundation, possibly breaking it down with your opposition in it, killing them. While the single player game is only half baked, Red Faction Guerrilla’s multiplayer portion is an all out blast. Between that and just cruising around the open world single player, blowing buildings up, the current low price tag is more than worth it.

Red Faction Guerrilla's explosive personality may fizzle in the single player realm, but the multiplayer universe is set ablaze.

Rating: 7.5

Jason V.

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