365//365: Day 236 – Shadowrun (360) [PP]



Shadowrun on the 16 bit console platform, was an action RPG that became a cult classic. Shadowrun on the Xbox 360 is a first and third person shooter with elements from the RPG genre and Counterstrike, that also became a sort of cult classic. While there are significant faults (there’s virtually no music, the game was made to strive on an online experience) Shadowrun can be an engaging title. The graphics are mostly above average for a 360 title, sporting simplistic models, but keeping a steady frame rate because of it. Which is a good thing since the action on screen can be chaotic, with lots of bodies running by or laying there. You are able to purchase powers and weapons before each round, similar to Counterstrike. Some of these powers enable you to revive a fallen comrade (though if you die, they will bleed out unless someone revives them again), spawn a health regeneration tree, sprout thorns on the ground and so on. There are four different races to choose from, each with their own perks, such as the Elf’s regeneration. It’s mostly a game of capture the flag with little else going on, and death forces you to wait until the next round, however there’s a surprising amount of depth to the experience. You can block off the flag with the thorns, or glide in from above from a ledge perched up top. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, Shadowrun thrives on its online aspect, something that never caught on, and is all but a ghost town now. Even when there were people online, the servers would just die out half the time you played a game. You can play it solo, but it’s no where as enjoyable. It’s a tragedy that Shadowrun didn’t take off. Even if there’s no music and it was nothing more than capture the flag for the most part, the strategy involved and the reckless entertainment that you can have was almost second to none. But having to play this without an online component robs the gamer of the true experience. It’s dirt cheap and worth picking up even with a lack of a healthy online community. If there were enough people laying online still, bump the score up to 7.5.

When people were playing online, it was an absolute blast, with a surprising amount of depth. With barely anyone left, there's little incentive to play.

Rating: 5.5

Jason V.

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