365//365: Day 234 – Earthworm Jim (SNES) [PP]



There are some franchises that should have never left the 16 bit era. Then there are some that should have continued to this day. Earthworm Jim is the latter. Shiny created a nearly all-in-one video game that features gorgeous, fully detailed visuals, predominantly responsive controls, a plethora of excellent music and sound effects, and some of the biggest challenges of its generation. Earthworm Jim has it all in abundance, which actually comes back to haunt the overall package. The difficulty can get so high at times that it just doesn’t translate into an enjoyable experience at times. However the charm of both your character and the enemies you face ultimately gives the game a memorable sheen that will grab your eye. Jim, his enemies and each stage are animated so well, with so much detail, life and humor, that they’ll remain some of the most iconic figures in gaming for the foreseeable future. Using Jim’s earthworm body to swing across certain chasms, as well as whip enemies to death are two things that ever grow stale, though your ballistic weaponry leaves a lot to be desired. Mix together some powerful and fitting sound effects, along with some fitting music for each stage and you have the recipe for one of the most enjoyable, yet infuriating video games you’ll ever come across. If you can tolerate the difficulty throughout the game and the constant deaths that you’ll accumulate, Earthworm Jim will impress you on many fronts, and prove why the series should still be alive today. Too bad the N64 title Earthworm Jim 3D killed the franchise.

Even still photos show the rich world in which Jim calls home. The detail, from the animations to the scenery, is absolutely amazing for a 16 bit title.

Rating: 8.8

Jason V.

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