365//365: Day 206 – Mega Man Anniversary Collection (XB) [PP]



Okay, okay, this will be the last time you hear about Mega Man games in the 365//365 project (or at least this series). Scouts honor! Mega Man Anniversary Collection encompasses everything treasured about the Mega Man franchise, as well as everything that has made it a sinking ship of despair. That’s because this is a collection of Mega Man 1 through 8, with a near perfect emulation. Now you can relive the tense battles with Air Man in Mega Man 2, or once again experience the lack of care and attention in Mega Man 6. While the first four titles will remain the cream of the crop, there’s no denying that there’s a near limitless amount of content spanning eight titles, with the bonus feature of sub menu maps, displaying how many screens or rooms you have until the next checkpoint or until you reach the bosses lair. That’s not to mention the two unlockable titles: Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, both arcade titles that never made it over to the US (with a Neo Geo Pocket Color port in the form of Rockman: Battle & Fighters). The only minor issues with the collection is the lack of volume on the music, which seems to be drowned out by the sound effects, the lack of slowdown from too many sprites on screen, and the somewhat lessened downtime between zoning into each stage, as well as restarting after you lose a life (which isn’t much of a complaint, just another reason why the emulation is almost perfect). Even if some of the later Mega Man titles felt forced and didn’t seem to have the same focus as the earlier titles, the fact that you have the first eight Mega Man titles in one collection, as well as two unlockable Mega Man arcade titles, should be more than enough to sell you. Definitely in the top five compilations of all time.

Running the Mega Man 8 avatar from left to right lets you choose which containing whichever Mega Man title you want to play. A lot more interactive than a simple menu.

Rating: 8.6

Jason V.

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