365//365: Day 188 – Summer Carnival ’92 – Recca (FC) [PP]



Unbeknown to the greater population of gamers outside Japan, there was a shoot em up title that put you on the edge of your seat in ways that no other title in the genre could. Summer Carnival 92: Recca can best be described as a vertical shoot em up game on steroids, speed and receiving an IV full of Red Bull. The gameplay is fast, frantic and feverishly fun. You fly through outer space is blazing fast speeds, while your opponents swoop down at you at double the speed, offering no relenting attitude. In fact, the game is so fast, you can adjust how fast you want to have at it, by pressing the select button. 0 Bar speed will be more than functional for about any gamer, while 4 bar speeds will push you to the edge of your seat. The audio does suffer from some annoying repetition in the sounds of your projectiles, which will grate at your nerves quickly, while the music, as engaging, yet recycled it might be, quickly gets drowned out by the painful audio cues from your weaponry. Visually, there’s a lot going on at once, with rare instances of slowdown to hinder the experience. While the overall look might be a bit simple, this is a visual achievement nevertheless, thanks to the amount of projectiles and enemies on screen at the same time, with the speed of the gameplay. Eve though the experience is a short lived one (handful of stages), the speed, mixed with the difficulty will ensure you that you’ll be dying a lot. But with the adrenaline rush you’ll constantly receive, Summer Carnival 92: Recca is an addition you’ll find tough to break….if you can stomach the $150+ price tag to import.

Screen caps are an injustice to the quality and breakneck speeds the visual and game provides the player.

Rating: 8.4

Jason V.

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