365//365: Day 180 – Secret of Mana (SNES) [PP]



Secret of Mana’s one of those games that’s nearly impossible to dislike. It’s a gorgeous 16 bit title, with numerous details throughout your travels, as well as a commendable set of animations from enemies and playable characters alike. While the story gets a bit hard to follow on occasions, it more or less follows the journey of your character as he, along with two others (whom you can switch between, or have a second player come in as) trying to return peace to the world. Sounds typical, but there are some deviations and other twists that have the game play as more than just a “save the world” schlock. The gameplay is a mix of role playing and action elements, where you physically run up to enemies and attack them. Possibly the most breathtaking aspect of Secret of Mana comes in the form of its soundtrack. The composure is so elegantly done, fitting each situation in a near perfect matter. The boss theme is bar none the greatest boss fight theme ever (click the video up top to give it a listen), as it portrays a sense of chaos, uncertainty, and a bit of desperation. Playing Secret of Mana solo, you’ll find the mix of story, gameplay and mood intensifying music to be one of the greatest combination ever seen in a video game. Add a second player, and you have an RPG experience, and a multiplayer experience, rarely seen. A must have for fans of Square, RPG’s and gaming in general.

Single player wise, Secret of Mana is an absolute blast. Adding an extra player or two really opens up the game in ways the genre had not seen before then.

Rating: 9.5

Jason V.

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