365//365: Day 179 – Mega Man 9 (360) [PP]



Capcom surprised gamers everywhere when they decided to reintroduce us to Mega Man — in all his 8 bit glory. Completely faithful to its NES brethren, Mega Man 9 was the first sequel since the high pitched voiced antics of Mega Man 8. Its return to its roots worked for, as well as against it. The graphics returned to their 8 bit roots, with minimal detail throughout the game, yet still looking exceptional….for an 8 bit game. The gameplay retains the twitch reflex system that we’ve come to love from the series. The omission of sliding and Mega Buster charge shots did not detract from the fun whatsoever. Unfortunately, a few repeating issues resurfaced, along with a couple of new ones. The stock sound effects made no effort to add anything to its line up. The music lacked any connection, or any punch, as with the bosses, their powers and the stages they call home. Splash Woman wasn’t anything special, and bosses like Galaxy Man looked idiotic rather than impressive. But the biggest issue was the spike of difficulty. The amount of pits, instant-death spikes and other artificial difficulty additives sprinkled throughout the game is absurd, to the point where the game doesn’t feel fun anymore. While it was nice to revisit such a beloved series such as Mega Man, I wish Capcom took some time to clean up his home before inviting us in. While it’s much better than any Mega Man game after 5, even a lackluster title such as Mega Man 4 feels a lot more cohesive than Mega Man 9 does. It’s worth playing for the fact that it’s a Mega Man title, but nothing important was added to the experience to separate it from mediocrity.

The artificial additives to the difficulty are excessive, and make the experience a lot less enjoyable.

Rating: 6.8

Jason V.

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