365//365: Day 161 – Resident Evil – Code: Veronica (DC) [PP]



Resident Evil’s debut on the “128 bit” platform was somewhat a mixed blessing. While the story continues the adventures of Claire Redfield and her search from her brother Chris, there were a couple of elements that were expected to evolve, didn’t take much of a step forward. The robotic tank-like controls are still big time shortcoming to the package, with the only significant change coming in the form of static screens turning into a camera that follows you, to an extent. Graphically, the game benefited from the boosted power of the Sega Dreamcast, offering detailed characters and the newly introduced 3D backgrounds that were a vast improvement over the previous incarnations. The story and voice acting are both improved over the previous titles, aside from the high pitched voice of Leonardo DiCaprio’s red headed brother, Steve Burnside. The feeling of suspense you get over the uncertainty that lies ahead is apparent, although RE3: Nemesis really took advantage of this more than any other title up to this point. With an exciting and expansive single player story and an unlockable mode called Battle Mode (a character based time attack of sorts), you’ll have enough reason to not only play through and defeat Resident Evil: Code Veronica, but come back after the fact. Just be aware that there’s little evolution in the series in terms of gameplay.

It was a commendable debut to the 128 bit generation, but can we work a bit on these tank-like controls?

Rating: 8.1

Jason V.

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