365//365: Day 158 – Resident Evil (PSX) [PP]



Resident Evil helped mold what we called the “survival horror” genre today. Alpha Team was on a mission to rescue Bravo team, when all hell breaks loose, between bad voice acting that didn’t sync with the FMV and killer zombie dogs chasing them down. Alpha team gets partially separated, takes refuge inside a mansion, and the rest is history. A moderately pleasant looking game for its time, Resident Evil mixed static pre-rendered backgrounds with somewhat clunky, but fully functional character models. The puzzles feel long winded, and there’s a ton of back tracking throughout the game, but for some reason, it never gets overly stressful or overly repetitive. Chris and Jill have slightly different paths with slightly different difficulties, but they’re equally enjoyable to play. The moody music throughout helps push the game along, with an end theme that’s electric guitar goodness like you’ve never heard in the mid to late 90’s. Finally, you can’t talk about Resident Evil without mentioning the voice acting and script that’s so hammy and so poorly written, that it makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Lines like “Jill Sandwich” and “Master of unlocking” will always be remembered by gamers as some of the worst dialog ever, yet some of the most hilarious. The one that started it all is still one of the best in the series, and definitely should be in every gamers collection.

No need for a caption here.

Rating: 8.7

Jason V.

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