365//365: Day 149 – Borderlands (360) [PP]



In this day in age, it’s next to impossible to find a developer that legitimately cares overall more about the buyer, rather than the buck. Gearbox Software is one of the rare few with their minds on the players more than the dollar in their pockets. Borderlands is an achievement on multiple levels. The visual overhaul towards a more cel-shaded presentation, though not in the vein of Killer 7, helped set it apart from the masses, providing not only its own distinct look when compared to such releases as Modern Warfare 2, but helped to give the world a more vibrant feel to it. The biggest hook though, is the proclamation of a few hundred thousand different weapons you’ll encounter throughout the game. Although you’ll encounter many weapons with similar structures to one another, some are not only unique, but down-right sadistic (a shotgun that shoots missiles, with a scope on top….stuff like that shows a wealth of creativity that most developers wouldn’t dream of, even as satirical material). Add in a engaging and addicting drop in/out multiplayer, several different characters to choose and level up, and the ramped up difficulties ahead of you, and you have one extremely satisfying FPS/RPG hybrid. My only complaints involve a passable at best audio presentation, as well as a very flimsy and generally uninteresting storyline. However, when you have a developer dedicated to bringing out a stream of exciting downloadable content and squashing whatever bugs come up, you have to stand up and applaud their genuine dedication to their product months after its release. With an exciting and addicting core gameplay, commendable multiplayer experience and devs that are still working on content for the players, it’s no wonder why Borderlands was on my Top 25 Games of This Decade.

Shotgun wielding midgets — one of many things that make Borderlands absolutely amazing.

Rating: 8.6

Jason V.

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