365//365: Day 124 – Aladdin (GEN) [PP]



Disney’s Aladdin on the Sega Genesis is one of those games that you’ll never forget, but for all the right reasons. Not only was the one gorgeous game to look at, with incredibly fluid and detailed animations and some beautiful backgrounds as well, but it was a marvel throughout the audio department. Disney’s Aladdin managed to some how work the poor audio processors on the Sega Genesis into creating an audio masterpiece, not just in the musical compositions, but the sound effects as well. The movie tunes were translated with some surprising faithfulness, although some of the songs, including A Whole New World, do come off as a bit more charming and whimsical than the actual song fro the movie. Don’t let that candy coated visual presentation fool you either – this was a difficult game to complete, especially that blasted carpet riding stage. But Virgin Interactive made sure the game was difficult, but for all the right reasons, giving the player more reason to enjoy their journey. About the only thing anyone could wish for was better collision detection, as your accuracy, even when standing close to an enemy, is literally hit or miss, making for some frustrating combat. Although this mishap in programming doesn’t adversely damage the game, it might open up some frustrating moments. Even still, Disney’s Aladdin for the Sega Genesis is a technical marvel for a system that has plenty of trouble with audio and visual consistency. Hunt this one down, and find out why you’ll wish you had done so sooner.

Aladdin is one extremely beautiful game, not just for its visuals either.

Rating: 9.1

Jason V.

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