365//365: Day 114 – Mega Man 2 (NES)



There’s no secret that the Mega Man franchise is one that has seen a lot of ups and downs throughout the years. While the later installments were usually met with little fanfare, the first three are highly regarded as the pinnacle of the franchise. Although Mega Man 3 has a near perfect difficulty scaling, Mega Man 2 is usually the one title that is widely regarded as the most difficult and satisfying of the series.

Flashman -- now without a trench-coat! Wait....

Unfortunately, the sliding to a stop carried over to the second title, which once again makes for a few frustrating bits, that shouldn’t be. Trying to time early jumps over and between the falling spike platforms in Metal Man’s stage proves to be a bit touchy, and somewhat aggravating, even after becoming accustomed to the sliding to a stop. The sages feel a bit on the short side, but are still a good challenge. Not overbearing, but a good challenge. After the eight bosses are defeated, then you’ll see the spike of difficulty take a stab at your gaming skills.

The music is quite good, and there will definitely be a few of the songs that will latch onto our brain and have you humming them hours after you powered the system off. Admittedly though, Mega Man 3 does offer a more memorable soundtrack across the board, but many fans will argue that fact until their dying breath. Each stage, enemy and boss look quite impressive for its point in time during the 8 bit area.Mega Man 2 arguably has the best boss names, looks and powers of the entire series. Each boss has a very distinct look, with a color scheme and power appropriate to their name.

Although the first Mega Man title had some great names, designs and powers, the second installment ups the any considerably. Woodman has one of the best looking character models in any Mega Man title, with his leaf shield power that can be shot forward like a regular projectile weapon. Bubbleman, though a bubble as a power is kinda lame, actually looks like a boss suited for underwater combat. If you take a look at Mega Man 3’s powers, such as Shadowman’s throwing star, you can see it was heavily influence by Metalman from the game before it. By far the best bosses in terms of design, name and powers came from Mega Man 2.

Each boss looked quite good, with some fitting backgrounds to accompany them.

Many can argue which Mega Man was the best of the series, and usually the argument centers around the second and third installments of this storied franchise. Whether you think Mega Man 2 is the best of the series or not, it’s still one of the best 2D titles on the NES. The bosses are memorable, your power ups are a ton of fun to use and you’ll be challenged quite a bit towards the end of the game. Definitely a game you’ll pick up and play no matter what mood you’re in.

Rating: 8.8

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