365//365: Day 102 – GoldenEye (N64) [PP]


GoldenEye has the distinct honor of being one of, if not the greatest movie licensed game I have ever played. A first person shooter on a home console with tight, precise controls, a solid, mission based story and a ton of different weapons at your disposal. While the graphics were a bit blurry at times, not to mention had a lot of slowdown during large explosions, worked well enough for its time, as did the high class audio work. The biggest draw, of course, is the flexible, and addicting as all hell multiplayer mode which, to my surprise, almost never made it into the game. While the main game is a highly replayable and is quite addicting on its own accord, I couldn’t imagine not having the genre defining multiplayer added in. Hundreds of hours have been sunk into the multiplayer of GoldenEye, and every second of it was a total blast….other than some dolt picking Oddjob. Truly a masterpiece back during its release, and the ultimate ageless classic today, GoldenEye is one of the best two punch combos of single player and multiplayer ever, only outdone by the marvel simply known as Perfect Dark.

Single or multiplayer, GoldenEye helped revolutionize console FPS.

Rating: 9.4

Jason V.

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