365//365: Day 099 – Super Metroid (SNES) [Quickie]


Expansive. Awe. Gripping. Monumental. That’s just a handful of ways one could describe Super Metroid. It was an extremely rare occurrence to encounter a video game that can captivate you with its well crafted world, engaging enemies and bosses and some of the most gripping, most addicting gameplay ever seen in any console video game. There are numerous reasons as to why so many gamers perceive Super Metroid as the greatest game they have ever played, and although it is not the greatest game I have personally played, it’s definitely in my top ten, maybe even top five.

Super Metroid is a rare breed in the notion that there’s only one thing that I could say was something negative about it — the games length. It’s not a very long adventure whatsoever. If you really wanted, you could blow through the game on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Even if it’s your first time playing, you can spend a day on it and reach the end. However, the overall experience more than makes up for the length of the game.

Everything else involving Super Metroid is nothing short of brilliant. The controls are silly smooth, whether you’re taking out air born enemies from the ground, or traveling around via morph ball. Visually, the character design, animation and the world around you holds a great amount of detail for a 16 bit title. The action changes pace frequently enough to stave off being stale. The boss battles were fascinating back in the day, and are still quite engaging today. The audio score, from top to bottom, is some of the best Nintendo has ever put out. From the beginning theme, to the melody when you pick up a special item, right on through to the end credits, Super Metroid is jam packed with some of the most quality laced and eternally memorable themes that Nintendo has ever produced.

Everything about Super Metroid was quality.

There are few titles that can match the top to bottom production qualities of Super Metroid. As one of the most unforgettable gaming experiences ever, and one that is just so engrossing, that you’ll want to come right back after beating the game. It’s entertaining, provides an audio performance rarely matched for a 2D title, and has one of the most gripping and emotionally tugging last boss fights I have ever encountered. Super Metroid is definitely a game you should own, even if you do not have a Super Nintendo in your possession.

Rating: 9.7

Jason V.

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