365//365: Day 093 – Mega Man (NES) [Quickie]


Mega Man — the classic gaming hero that helped refine and define video gaming on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Throughout the series history, we have seen some innovations, repetitions, recyclables, and rebirths. This is definitely a franchise that has been around the block, and then some. With a few Mega Man titles previously reviews already, it seems like it’d be a good idea to take a look back at the trailblazing initial installment. To no ones surprise, it’s everything that I remember, with one really annoying crack in its armor that, for some reason, I never noticed until now.

I'm glad they didn't take the literal route with Gutsman. His power would have been quite disgusting.

For the majority of the experience, controlling Mega Man was nothing short of masterful, with full precision over your movements and jumping mechanics. If you fell into a pit when there’s no enemies around, and no type of distractions to take away from our jumping, it was all on you. However, in the first Mega Man title, there’s an insanely annoying sliding to your deceleration. This has thrown me off quite a bit when getting back into the game, making the challenging platforming sections of the game, unnecessarily aggravating to an otherwise rock solid title. It does take a little to get used to, and is always frustrating to see happen, but soon enough, you’ll overlook it as a minor blemish.

Everything else is a reflection of everything we’ve come to love about the Mega Man series as whole — bright, imaginative enemies, excellent bosses and powers gained from them and an overall scope that feels quite grand. The enemies are all imaginative for its time, being that it’s the initial installment of the series. Iceman, Fireman and Elecman should never have been ripped off as much as they have been over the years. Not only were the originals creative in their power, but their looks were kept simple, clean and presentable. Each stage had some great music to it, though you won’t be thinking about the songs hours after the fact. Nonetheless, it gets you going through the stages and is pulled off quite well.

I'm dead serious when I say that names like Cutman and Bombman are some of the best in the series.

With numerous sequels under its belt, you still can’t go wrong with dipping back in time and unearthing the fossil that is Mega Man. With a strong challenge, imaginative enemies and power ups, as well as some well designed music, the game that started it all, is still one of the best in the series. Although the sliding around while decelerating can become infuriating at points, you’ll adjust to the oddity and enjoy the game as a whole, and would come back for more in the immediate future.

Rating: 8.5

Jason V.

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