365//365: Day 035 – Mighty Final Fight (NES)



One of the most memorable arcade and Super Nintendo titles has to be Final Fight. Capcom created a game in which a genre is compared to, and referred to. Play alone or with a friend, punch, kick, throw, bash and thrash your way through the game to rescue Mayor Haggar’s daughter from Mad Gear. It had a great look, and played very well, with three different characters to choose from that all played different from each other. While the genre had success on the NES in the forms of Double Dragon and River City Ransom, Capcom decided to release a version of Final Fight on the NES, titled Mighty Final Fight. Sadly, the only thing mighty about this game is that its mighty easy.

How easy? Well, it’s not a total push over or anything, but the fact that you can use a turbo controller and hold the B button down to kill every enemy outside of a boss without effort, really says something. Literally, you can walk up to an enemy, and hold B with turbo on, knock them down, walk over their body, hold B again as they get up, knock them down, and repeat. Every once in a while an enemy will actually get behind you and hit you once, bu its so rare and infrequent if you’re actually paying attention that it’s a non issue. As you advance further into the game, some enemies will flip around and throw knives at you. If you get close and turbo B them like all the other enemies, you have nothing to worry about. It took me five levels to find a weapon, which was shurikens in an elevator. It replaced my main attack and slowed me down, forcing me to actually put effort in killing enemies

Is this supposed to be Rolento? Why is he a no named thug?

Is this supposed to be Rolento? Why is he a no named thug?

For what its worth, Mighty Final Fight does look pretty well detailed for an NES title, with some nice looking character models. Sure, it’s an intentional far cry from the SNES and arcade version, but as distinguished a look as it has, its appealing enough. The drawback to this is that you only fight two characters at a time, all the while that partial missing character glitch that pops up on NES games with too much going on, runs rampant here. The music is forgetful 8 bit tunes with stock sound effects.

What puzzles me deeply is the whole experience/level up thing. What’s the point? I don’t become any stronger, and it seems like I take less damage as the game progresses and I level higher. If it were like Double Dragon, where I can unlock a hair grab/knee bash/shoulder toss, that would be pretty cool. But as it stands, I have yet to see any benefits to this leveling system. I have the same attacks throughout the game with nothing added. Controlling your character and unleashing those attacks are adequate enough. You have an attack button, jump button, and can pull off a special move with them pressed simultaneously. The variation is severely lacking though.

SHORYUK--err, wrong game?

SHORYUK--err, wrong game?

In the end, Mighty Final Fight is not a complete dud, but it’s a short game, with no variation, no skills needed and no attention span after a few minutes. With classics such as River City Ransom and even TMNT2: The Arcade Game, you’d be better off not wasting your time on Mighty Final Fight.

Rating: 5.8

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