Cardboard Tube tourney.


So today was the cardboard tube fighting tournament. the Rules are explained below so I’ll skip the boring details.The event was broken down into weight classes, Naked(no armor),single armor(like a shield or a helmet),Heavy(full on shebang) and kids(duh). The event went well, in terms of turn out it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought.I found about this last minute so I dusted off my Halloween costume(hollow Ichigo-Bleach) and headed on over.

How’d I do? Well i shattered my own sword, if it was going for hits I probably would have gone deep(that’s what she said) into the tourney but the whole goal was to break another sword. If you play defensives and turtle you could win easy. All in all it was extremely fun especially the huge melee at the end.Not to brag but I really cleaned that mess up.I went dual swords and was tearing shit up. We did about 3 to 4 melees and then we called it a day. Some interesting armor was present.

Anyway I know you’re dying to see the vids so here they are. There are tons to upload but i’m lazy. If the demand is high then I’ll up the rest

And the top video is something I shittly threw together before the Street Wars Wrap party.
Edge of soul.

There’s tons of up on the net and I’m sure I’ll bump into some

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