I love doing live action stuff. From doing Streetwars to riding the train with no pants on to imagining I’m in battle with a giant inflatable bat. So when i heard about Come Out & Play’s live action Pitfall, I had to go. Checking out the site they have a whole slew of live action games to play. It’s pretty interesting. How’d we do? Well not so good . High score when we were there was 29k we ended up with 24k or so. We were in striking distance the whole time. I screwed up but it’s ok we all had a great time.

We manged to grab some video. I’m a sore loser however :D

Chris 'phire' Scott

I'm the Founder of Chocolate Lemon, a seasoned water gun killer,semi pro gamer,professional crazy guy, brony, lover of baked goods,hero and part time cosmic being. I'm just like you guys I put my pants on one leg at a time except when they are on I can travel though space and time. Feel free to hit me up on X-box live or PSN: Glory of phire/glory_of_phire